Exciting Times
Exciting Times is a weekly Event Professionals happy hour that's part group therapy, some good laughs and part best practices during these "Exciting Times".
Thursdays at 5:00pm ET


Themes, Demos and More

April 21

Earth Day Round Table Convo

Let's discuss green business practices

April 28

IN-PERSON Happy Hour at Versa!

We're getting together once again at Versa in Midtown. RSVP for all the details. 

May 5

Mother's Day Special

How has maternal figures in your life inspired you in life and business? 

May 12

Bad Business

What's the absolute WORST business advice you've ever received? Did you sense the ridiculousness immediately, or did you have to learn by trial and error?

May 19

Problem Solving

Let's unite our brilliant minds and solve a problem that keeps you up at night. 

May 26

Networking Galore

What are your networking/business goals at the moment? Let's brainstorm on who we can connect members of our group with!

June 2

Open discussion

What's on your mind? Let's chat the night away! 

June 9

Summer Business Plans

What's going on with your business this summer? 


Behind the Scenes Making Exciting Times Possible

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Event Technologist
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