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Who, What and Where

At the beginning of the pandemic, when the world started to shut down, I started to panic. How the H' was I going to make a living if people can't leave their houses?!? I figured that my friends and colleagues were feeling the same way so I emailed all of them. We started by having a happy hour every day to freakout together, roll call and make sure we were all being as safe as we could be. After a week of this, the consensus was that we were becoming Alcoholics, so we moved it to Thursday evenings and have been meeting ever since, including Christmas and New Year's. 

This happy hour is different because we share wins, defeats and lessons from our week. Everyone in the group is encouraged to network with each other outside the "room" and overlaps are welcome. There is no competition here, just camaraderie as we endeavor to understand this new "normal".

For now we still meet online, but coming this fall we will start meeting once a month in person.

If you are an event professional of any stripe, I hope you will join us.

Stay safe out there!


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